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~** Dulcinea Contreras ARTICLE **~

~** Dulcinea Contreras ARTICLE **~

**Evolution Unveils the Indigo Children**
By: Dulcinea Contreras, Carlsbad, California

© Copyright 2008 Dulcinea Contreras

Can you imagine for one moment that the children of today hold a golden ticket that offers humanity a revolutionary shift in the human script? Envision today’s youth as colorful jewels ready to radiate their divine luster, but to do so it is essential for the community to embrace the philosophy that children are the keepers of the planet, harboring the divine mystery deep within that will lead to the enlightenment that humanity has awaited. A revolution is rapidly approaching that requests increased consciousness surrounding the children’s abilities, and genuine support to foster the conscious celebration of the celestial truth within these children, including their magical talents, exceptional gifts and all.

Today’s children are known to be called “Indigo Children,” “Children of the light,” “Children of the New Millennium,” “Crystal Children,” “Golden Children,” “Children of the Ray,” and various other “labels” that are all attempting to capture the same evolutionary phenomenon, highly evident in children across the globe. For the purposes of consistency, this article will use the label, “Indigo,” but please consider all of the above labels, and others, apply to the common characteristics among the modern children. They are often identified, by self and others, as “not of this world,” and are far beyond labels. Their existence is truly worthy of awe.
Indigo children are demanding more than the linear systems that are dominating the current paradigm. These children have a powerful role to fulfill on earth, and in order to manifest the necessary changes, a shift in the structure from the limiting systems, to supportive and expansive regimes, must occur. It is time for humanity to tend to the needs of these mystical children, now. To embrace the essential creation of strong supportive communities for these highly evolved children through awareness and acceptance, extensive social support, role modeling, experiential learning opportunities and conscious guidance. Indigo’s can be generally characterized as highly intelligent, abundantly creative, multi-sensory, and have a divine capability to articulate knowledge and awareness of deep spiritual philosophies, historical, anthropological, and scientific data, often beyond the capacity of some scholars, independent of their age, cognitive development, education, and other relevant characteristics.
The modern children are often characterized by their indigo blue aura, similar to the inherent color of the sixth chakra, or clairvoyant center, of the energetic human chakra system. These children are born into the world with clear intuitive gifts and pure intentions that serve to awaken the spiritual awareness of their parents, and all who they encounter. Indigos are expressing the “spiritual gene” that has been dormant within human DNA, offering humanity the gateway to a new, refreshing experience of their true, and higher self.
These children are known as children of change, in both the multi-faceted and multi-dimensional aspects. For example, a seven-year old boy from Russia demonstrated wisdom of other dimensions and planets, far beyond his seven years, and further expressed his knowledge about the gifted children, he termed “Indigo’s,” and elaborated on their pivotal role in supporting humanity through the projected earth changes in the years approaching. Stories of this nature are increasing in prevalence from parents, childcare workers and teachers across the globe.

Another distinguished characteristic of Indigo’s is their preference to learn experientially, versus through repetition and regurgitation, as the traditional education curriculum has prescribed for decades. The outdated educational system, with extreme emphasis on standardization testing and normative comparison, is no longer effective and has truly begun to hinder the evolution of humanity. For each of these children possess individual gifts that are being denied by the immense pressure to create the uniform prototype. The well-being, and balanced development, of children in all aspects of the self, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, is the higher focus and can meet the multi-faceted needs of these children through art, music, creative expression, character and leadership programs, service-learning, writing, meditation, self management courses, and other expansive programs that are hands-on, and foster a learning experience.
An increasing trend among the Indigo children is the diagnosis of Hyperactive Disorders, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD). The vulnerability to misdiagnose Indigo’s is derived from their higher vibrational characteristics, such as: rapid thoughts, lack of focus, boredom in routine, lack of respect for the authority hierarchy, spirit interactions, social challenges, minimal patience, and exhibition of frustration as they attempt to function in what they perceive as constraining systems. The common misdiagnosis, and chemical treatment result that is occurring across the United States is a great hindrance to the evolution of these children, for they have a pivotal role in the conscious development of today’s world. The longer these children remain unacknowledged, without permission to act upon their inner truth and wisdom, the greater cost that our society will incur, particularly for future generations.

A major challenge these children present to society is their outmoded view of the traditional adult-child hierarchy. Respect for authority may be challenged as a part of their inherent role in this revolution, but can be understandably misinterpreted as a behavioral concern. To proactively address this, a student-teacher dynamic is most favorable, and effective, with Indigo’s. This will establish mutual respect, which is critical for healthy relationships with the highly attuned, sensitive children.
This evolutionary shift requests these children receive extensive social support that can foster validation, compassion, and understanding, gentle and clear communication, knowledge, creativity, and experience that promote self-expression, in order to assist them to thrive, and manifest their unique talents and exceptional skill sets. Indigo’s possess an immense desire to learn, grow, enlighten, expand, lead, and to transform the current systems, and their projected beliefs and norms, whether governmental, religious, societal, or cultural, for the better. They are here to restore humanity’s integrity through their living example of radiating their inner, higher truth and innate wisdom.

These children are born leaders and desire to show you a revolutionary way of life on earth. This will include, but not be limited to: instant divine manifestation of material wealth, miraculous healings, ingenious intelligence, and stunning art, innovative music that in the past was only unveiled by a select few, like Mother Theresa, Einstein, Mozart and Picasso. Indigo children are a new global phenomenon of our changing species, exhibiting extraordinary qualities and states of consciousness. The evolution of humanity is evident in these uniquely gifted, and inspiring, children as they manifest a balanced, yet expansive sense of spirit on third-dimensional earth. It is possible that the Indigo children introduce a revolutionary concept, a luminescent and pioneering stage of the evolution of the human spirit.

© Copyright 2008 Dulcinea Contreras

This Articles by Dulcinea Contreras May NOT Be Copied, Used, or Reproduced at Any Time, For Any Reason.

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**~Dulcinea Contreras~**

**~Dulcinea Contreras~**

**Technology and the Earth’s Changes**
By Dulcinea Contreras

© Copyright 2005 Dulcinea Contreras. This Article May NOT Be Reproduced at Any Time, For Any Reason

~Published in December of 2005 in a San Diego, CA (USA) Based Publication. ~

Have you ever wondered about the energetic exchange between people and their environmental surroundings? It is a critical time on earth for all of humanity to do so. The evidential lack of consideration of human interaction with its environment has resulted in mindless choices, and severe consequences that are cumulatively producing the current environmental phenomenon across the globe today. A key factor in these changes is the technological advancement of man, which is resulting in the increased energetic flow amongst the universe and, consequently, the natural cycles of the planet have intensified.
Since the industrial revolution there has been a continually increasing amount of energy released into the atmosphere from our technology and intricate machinery, which has resulted in the Earth’s funneling and absorbing a surplus of energy. In fact, humanity is likely creating more energy on the planet today than mother earth can neutralize. As a result, there are large-scale environmental trends occurring, such as: global warming, polar caps, earthquakes, tsunami waves, hurricanes and other exacerbated forms of “natural disasters,” that earth is using to manifest the excessive energetic intake.
The impact of these recent changes in weather patterns is clearly identifiable from the smallest of towns to vast regions such as the detrimental hurricanes experienced throughout the Southeastern coastal regions of the United States and in the trembling earthquakes across Southeast Asia. These changes are, at least partially, a product of the disproportionate amount of energy that is currently being transferred from human technological evolution. As is evident, computers are upgraded daily to facilitate more productivity, cellular phones have become the norm, automobiles are being devised with more horsepower and torque, and the overall pace of life is increasing simultaneously to accommodate these luxuries.
There are approximately 6.2 billion inhabitants that reside on earth today, which is an astounding figure for the planet. Think of the energy the earth must produce, and internally recycle, to sustain daily life, such as: fresh air, clean water, rich oil, vast minerals, and numerous other essential resources. Now consider the additional amount of energy the earth consumes from human technology.
The choices and actions of human beings are actively cumulating with the earth’s innate cycles, and the outcome appears to be a disservice to the human race and the planet. The Earth, in essence, is mirroring the choices of humanity. Therefore, the energy that is put into the earth is simply the energy that is released by the earth. A simplified idea of this can be depicted in the deposition of gasoline and the transfer of it to the engine of a car. If there is no gasoline intake, then no energetic exchange occurs with the engine. When gas is put into the gas tank of a car, one can expect that the car engine will offer an equal output to that of its fuel intake. A similar reciprocal energetic flow is characteristic between the planet and its’ residents.
The time is now for conscious environmental choices to become an active part of humanity’s daily life for the residents of this planet. Humanity has the option to begin to make mindful choices on an individual, community, and macro level; it begins with you, but it cannot stop with you. The shift in thought must occur across the globe, since humanity is highly interconnected on a molecular level.
Life is energy in motion therefore the planet will proceed on its course independent of Homo sapiens. The lurking question remains, will earth be able to sustain the lifestyle that human beings have created during the 21st century, which consists of energy producing devices and luxuries? It is important to acknowledge that change is an inherent part of the Earth’s cycle, offering itself each moment the opportunity to morph and create anew. When will human beings acknowledge their role in the current environmental crises on earth and consider the ability to reverse the detriment through a conscious lifestyle and wiser use of technological progression?
This offers hope to the residents of earth! To choose to be aware of the cause and effect relationship that humans exhibit with the universe offers unlimited potential for humanity and the planet. What a wonderful gift for us on planet earth!
These Articles May not Be Reproduced at Any Time, For Any Reason.
~First Published in December of 2005 in a San Diego, CA Based Publication. ~
This intellectual property and/or material by Dulcinea Contreras may not be copied, used or reprinted at any time, for any reason.

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~Dulcinea Contreras Face Shot~

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