~*About Dulcinea*~

About dulcineacontreras

Dulcinea Contreras is an energized and passionate individual whose unique, divine gifts and talents have been expressed in various environments, ranging from Academic Research to Executive Offices to the School Classroom, and extended to Retail Outlets all the way to the Radio Microphone.  Dulcinea holds a B.A. degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology, with a scientific research background in both Molecular and Cellular Biology and Social and Environmental Psychology from Cal-State University San Marcos (2004 Graduation). The scientific findings of the Social Psychology research were presented at WPA in Phoenix, Arizona, in multiple government documents, and in scientific journals. Additionally, Dulcinea was accepted into a prestigious Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology- Research Oriented) program in Palo Alto, California following the completion of her rigorous BA program at CSUSM, in Fall of 2004.

Her multi-faceted skill development was born from cumulative life experience, including, but not limited too: academics, extensive executive support at the CEO level varying from International Executive Search, Real Estate Development (residential) in Cardiff, CA, Literary Research and Manuscript Development in Palo Alto and San Marcos Califorina, along with the family business of Sub-Contracting in both residential and commercial development.   Additionally Dulcinea has worked within a Local (North County San Diego, CA) Unified School System as an Independent Contractor, on 8 elementary school sites, was a lead teacher of 65 children for the year 2006-07 on one school site, and also developed contributions and support for the non-profit that contributed monthly from Community Partners during this same school year, as well as annual/seasonal Events for the non-profit program.  Her school site was honored by the County of San Diego for its expertise and offerings in a literacy program during the 2006-07 school year.

Dulcinea has been influenced by a diverse group of individuals, ranging from academics (researchers), land developers, international executive leaders, a multitude of renowned spiritual teachers, political leaders, philosophers and historical leaders, her family and friends, and humbly a most divine Universal Creator that emanates unconditional love and truth. Additionally, Dulcinea is the Sole Founder/Creator, Host and Executive Producer/Writer of two productions that  launched on October 25, 2007:  Evolution Revolution and Voices of Change,  both of which focused on expanding consciousness,  and raising the vibration of all of humanity, and the planet, and supported leading authors and individuals.

The no-cost, archives feature best-selling authors, from world-renowned publishing houses, such as:  Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Amit Goswami, Richard Lawrence, and several other AMAZING guests that were available during the Production dates above in I-Tunes, by having Searched “Dulcinea” and “Dulcinea333.”    Voices of Change, offered 20-minute interviews (pre-recorded) with leading authors, musicians and creative’s and Evolution Revolution offered 60-minute interviews that were recorded each Thursday  (primarily LIVE) for one-hour between the dates above, that accumulated to over 100  hours of audio with both features combined.

Dulcinea is a passionate writer and photographer, especially with nature photos since 1999.  She loves the natural world and finds peace and harmony in nature, but also has an affinity for people, which keeps her in Carlsbad, California, her hometown, where she grew up and attended Carlsbad High School.  Dulcinea has been published as a support researcher in Scientific journals, and featured as a writer and Media Leader in Magazines, including Vision Magazine and Elevated Existence.  Also, Dulcinea has assisted multiple authors with the development of their manuscript, and offers invaluable support services, including editing, manuscript development, marketing/PR, and a vast array of other services in the writing realm.

Additionally, she is a motivational public speaker, and teacher, that offers audiences of all ages, including youth, college students, military personnel and transitioning elders, an experience that empowers and focuses upon balance, validation/acceptance, authenticity and inspiration. Dulcinea is dedicated to the unity of community, the human community. She offers her skills, resources and time to various non-profit organizations, such as: San Luis Rey Mission, Casa De Amparo, Families Are Forever, and geriatric support programs within the Assisted Living Homes, to help change the world one person at a time! As the great saying goes, “Think global, act local.”

Dulcinea’s natural vibration, well-rounded studies, and Executive training have led to the fruition of her multi-faceted path, and have offered tremendous wisdom and insight on supporting, leading and inspiring others, with an emphasis on balance, and having a positive attitude and an outcome that demonstrates her commitment to excellence.

Please contact Dulcinea for further information at Dulcinea1111@gmail.com.  Thank you, in advance.  *~YOU are your OWN best master, teacher and healer!!~*

*~Choose Love!~*
www.DulcineaContreras.com   www.TheLightworkersGuild.com    www.DulcineasDivineVision.com   www.DulcineaContreras.Wordpress.com

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